Air Compressor and Vacuum Systems Equipment

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver L Series L04-L290 - Rotary Screw Compressors

The L Series product range goes from 5 to 400HP. L04-L22 (5-30HP) are belt driven units, while the L23-L290 (30-400 HP) units are direct-gear drive. These fixed speed units come standard as air cooled with optional water cooling from 75 to 180 HP. All L Series compressors feature GD Pilot controllers, wye-delta starters, 3600 TEFC motors and quiet enclosures. Compressors are more than just a financial investment. They are a key component in ensuring that you, as a manufacturer, processor and operator, receive consistent, high-quality low-cost air. Gardner Denver uses the latest design techniques to develop a compressor that focuses on what's important.
  • Clean, dry air whenever you need it
  • Small footprints for reduced installation costs
  • Low noise levels eliminate the need for a separate compressor room
  • Flexible machine configurations to fit any installation requirements

Gardner Denver Electra Screw - Rotary Screw Compressors

The Electra Screw Air Compressors are ideal economical compressors for a wide variety of applications. The Electra Screw units have a solid reputation for reliability and performance. The GD Electra Screw is available in 2 models:
  • Electra Screw 40-50 HP
  • Electra Screw 100 HP

Gardner Denver Electra Saver II - Rotary Screw Compressors

The GD Electra Saver II is a direct drive, slow speed compressor for maximum operational efficiency. Suitable for a variety of applications, the Electra Saver II airends are designed for heavy duty applications with high flow capacities. The GD Electra Saver II is available in a variety of models:
  • Electra Saver II 15-30 HP
  • Electra Saver II 40-50 HP
  • Electra Saver II 60-100 HP
  • Electra Saver II 125-200 HP

Gardner Denver Electra Saver Turn Valve - Rotary Screw Compressors

The GD Electra Saver Turn Valve is variable displacement compressor ideally suited for part load demand situations. The Turn Valve Technology provides greater savings between 60-100% plant capacity. The GD Electra Saver Turn Valve is available in a variety of models:
  • Electra Saver 50, 75, 100, 100 DX HP
  • Electra Saver 125, 150, 200DD, 125DX, 200DX HP
  • Electra Saver 200, 250, 300, 350DX HP
  • Electra Saver 350, 400, 500 HP

Gardner Denver VS Series - Variable Speed Drive Compressors

The VS Series provides efficiency everywhere-full load, part load, no load. The VS Series products are specifically designed to obtain the greatest efficiency across the entire operating range. The GD Electra Saver Turn Valve is available in a variety of models:
  • VS 11
  • VS 20
  • VS 25-40
  • VS 45-70

VST Two-Stage Variable Speed - Rotary Screw Compressors

Two-stage compression is 8–12% more efficient than single-stage compression. The VST Series compressors match the compressor output (Supply Side) to the system requirements (Demand Side) at the target pressure required by your application. The VST Two-Stage Compressor is available in two models:
  • VST 55-90kW
  • VST 110-150kW
Lubricated Reciprocating Air Cooled

Gardner Denver Lubricated Reciprocating Air-Cooled Air Compressors

Gardner Denver offers a wide variety of lubricated air compressors with power ratings from 1/2 hp to 30hp. The Liquid Air Compressor models include:
  • R-Series
  • Reward Series
  • PL-Series
  • Reed Valve Series
  • Value Plus
  • Climate Control
  • CommandAir

Gardner Denver Medical Air Compressors

Gardner Denver offers a complete line of compressors that are ideal for health care, laboratories and electronics manufacturing. Ranging from 3/4 to 15hp, these oil-less compressors can be packaged together to create a system using a single air receiver. The Medical Air Compressor models include:
  • PureAir II™
  • PureAir™
  • Oil-Less Packaged Systems
ATLE6 champion sm

Reciprocating Air Compressors

The Gardner Denver ATLE6 is a single-stage, two-cylinder, pressure lubricated compressor that is equipped with an SAE#3 bell housing flange for direct engine mounting and remote site operation. Wherever there is a demand for a low pressure, engine-drive compressor, the ATLE6 is the compressor for the job. The Reciprocating Air Compressors specfications are:
  • 7.5-40hp
  • 5.6-29.9 kW
Century Oil Less lg

Century Vacuum Systems

GD Champion manufactures a variety of lubricated compressors, oil-less compressors and vacuum systems. Century Vacuum Systems are available in the following specifications:
  • Air and Gas
  • 25 to 750hp
  • 18.7 to 561 kW
bellis sm

GD Bellis & Morcom Air and Gas Compressors

GD Belliss & Morcom reciprocating air compressors have a 30-year design life. Each reciprocating air compressor is engineered to ensure decades of operation, no matter where they are installed. Belliss & Morcom Compressors include:
  • Breathing Air Compressors
  • CNG-Natural Gas Compressors
  • PET-Bottle Blowing Air Compressors
  • Power Generation Air Compressors

Hankison International Products

Hankison sm

Hankison Dryers, Filters and Condensate Drains

Hankison products range from point-of-use filters and condensate drains to high capacity refrigerated and desiccant dryers. Whether for a large manufacturing plant, a hospital or a small business such as an auto repair shop, Hankison products ensure a constant supply of cool, clean, dry compressed air. The Hankison Product line is:
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Desiccant & Membrane Dryers
  • Coalescing Filters


Bekomat sm

Bekomat® and Qwik-Pure® Products

Bekomat manufactures a complete line of condensate drainage products and cartridge based emulsion separation systems.