LeROI Compressors

Self-protection vs. self-destruction

When most compressors run short of oil, they keep on running... until they seize up. So a problem you could have fixed in five minutes with a few quarts of oil costs you the price of a new compressor. And perhaps several hours of lost production as well.

LeROI's Lifesaver line is designed to prevent these problems. If oil pressure or oil level drop, a built-in interlock system automatically unloads the compressor - i.e. relieves it from the stress of compressing air. And saves its life.

Standard at no extra cost, this Lifesaver feature is worth the value of the compressor every time it's activated. It can save you money, spare you from hassles, and - most important - help keep your operation up and running.

LeROI Lifesaver

Lifesaver pressure valve interlock unloads compressor when oil pressure or level drops; keep compressor unloaded at start-up until oil pressure is adequate; eliminates motor overload.

Choose proven reliability

LeROI's Lifesaver design has proven its reliability in rapid transit braking systems, power circuit breakers, fluid logic applications, and a multitude of other jobs where reliable air is a necessity. Here are just a few examples of where and how we've won our spurs:

  • General Industry: decentralized process/special use requirements; pneumatic tools.
  • Auto Aftermarket: tire, exhaust system, and general maintenance tool operation; service trucks.
  • Climate Control: small to medium sizes buildings.
  • Printing: vacuum handling; air actuated valves; pneumatic conveying.
  • Automotive Bodyshop: body tools, paint spraying; hoists and impact wrenches.
  • Railroads and Mass Transit: suspension and door operation; braking and controls; yard chargers.
  • Refineries & Chemical Plant: liquid displacement.
  • Foundry: mold tamping; chipping.
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing: dry bulk material handling.
  • Marine-Tug Boats: engine starting; steering and engine controls.
  • Drilling Rigs: hole cleaning; controls.